Amazingly Healthy Dragon Fruit -How To Eat It?

Dragon fruit is mostly grown in Central America and Southeast Asia. It belongs to cactus species and its plant is called pitaya, a very unique plant.

Highly nutritious

Dragon fruit is loaded with high quality nutrients that can be very beneficial for your health. I t nutritional value includes-  packed with phytonutrients, rich source of antioxidants, enriched with vitamin C, protein, and carotene, contains good fatty acids, loaded with B vitamins, rich in calcium, phosphorus and iron.

Amazing health benefits of eating dragon fruit

  1. Dragon fruit gets it red color due to the compound called Lycopene, which is considered to reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer.
  2.  Dragon fruit contains tiny black seeds which are rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which are known to reduce cholesterol levels, and save you from the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Consumption of dragon fruits can help in flushing out toxic substance from the body.
  4. Dragon fruit contains calcium that helps in strengthening bones and teeth.
  5. The presence of mineral iron in dragon fruits aids in formation of healthy red blood cells.
  6. The phosphorus in dragon fruits helps in tissue and cell growth.

How to eat dragon fruit?

Dragon fruit comes with pink, red or yellow skin with creamy red or white flesh with tiny edible black seeds that are full of rich nutrients. The taste of dragon fruit is little sweet like that of a pear and a kiwifruit combined. While eating this fruit peel off the outer layer of skin as it tastes bitter .You can cut the fruit into thin slices and eat it along with seeds, which are edible .This fruit gets its skin color due to presence of compound called Lycopene.

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