Benoquin cream – Treats Vitiligo

Vitiligo that is characterized by appearance of white patches over the skin and unfortunately there is no cure for this skin disorder .But with the help of Benoquin (Monobenzone) cream it can be controlled as it helps to retain the even look of the skin by acting on the Melanocytes (the cells producing melanin which is a skin color pigment) and helps patches to retain normal skin color and even the skin tone. These creams when applied as directed on the affected area or skin that is de-pigmented helps get rid of white patches that tend become normal in color.

The main composition of Benoquin Cream is Monobenzone that is considered to act as best remedy for Vitiligo. This cream very efficiently normalizes the skin disorder on just limited number of applications as per the dose prescribed by the doctor or skin care expert.
Benoquin Cream must be used with certain precautions like it should be applied only on the affected area itself after washing the area with clean water and soap. Benoquin is considered as one of the most effective and safest cream to treat skin condition Vitiligo.

How to use Benoquin Cream?

Benoquin is a skin lighting ointment that cures skin disorder such as Vitiligo in a very effective way in limited time span, after washing the affected area with water, a thin layer of Benoquin Cream should be applied and rubbed into the pigmented area two or three times daily, or as directed by your doctor, after application of the cream do not over expose yourself in the sun for extended period. For the maximum effect of this drug it is very important that you follow the dose of this drug recommended by your doctor.

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