Bimatoprost – An effective serum for your Eyelashes

eyelash growth Bimatoprost

Lustrous, thick and dark eyelashes are meant to be flaunting in social circles and parties. Long and thick eyelashes enhance the beauty of your eyes and make you look more beautiful than ever. Although depending on those mascaras and falsies can be a temporary solution. But what if, there is such product which grows your eyelashes and gives you that striking look. Bimatoprost is a lash serum that gives required nourishment to your lashes and helps to grow them longer and thicker.

Why Latisse (Bimatoprost) is recommended?
A bimatoprost is an effective product for eyelashes that has been approved by FDA for eyelash growth. Generally bimatoprost is used for treating Glaucoma. However, scientists found that the medicine had one of the side effects when the eyelashes started growing during the treatment taken by the patients with glaucoma. Miraculously the medicine gave side effect that was eventually beneficial for people.

What is Latisse and how it work?
Latisse is containing of 0.03% bimatoprost, a synthetic prostamide. When the treatment starts, it gives 25 percent increase in the length of the lashes. Also, it gives 106 percent in thickness and an 18 percent increase in the darkness of your eyelashes. After 16 weeks, you can see full effect of Latisse on your lashes.

How does Bimatoprost work?
Bimatoprost works by making lashes stay in the anagen that is growing phase for longer period that eventually increases the lash growing time. The result is longer lashes. When the new lashes form quicker, that means old lashes fall out slower. Hence, the lashes density increases. Bimatoprost also help to increase the length of the lashes. It increases the girth of the eyelash hair follicles resulting in thicker and fuller lashes. Bimatoprost stimulates the hair darkening pigment ‘melanin’ that gives a color to our hair, skin and eyes. Hence, it makes the eyelashes darker.

During the treatment, you will see a noticeable eyelash growth after two to four months of daily use of latisse. The lengthening of the lashes occurs due to the significant number of follicles remaining in the ‘anagen’ phase longer time. The long and thick eyelashes only beautify the eyes more. Long eyelashes also protect the eyes against dirt and dust. In the end, you are getting abundant of benefits of using Bimatoprost.

No longer need to use those fake lashes or applying mascara just to make them look longer. Make sure that you buy Latisse (bimatoprost) with proper prescription and take advice from medical consultant before using it.

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