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Eyes are the most precious thing of a human body since they help us see every small and beautiful thing of this universe. Our ideas and perceptions are born by what we see. And thus, eyes play a very important and crucial role in the smallest things of our life. Taking care of them is another vital part which many forget. Often people forget that eye care is also a part of your daily health. While you are busy conducting scans and tests for your overall health, more often than not you forget to get a regular eye check up done.

These days various eye related diseases have been detected in many people; right from old to young. If these issues are left unattended they might turn into something bigger and unexpected.  So for most cases, Bimatoprost comes to their rescue. It is a medication that was invented with an intention of curing eye related problems like Glaucoma and eyelash hypotrichosis.

What is Glaucoma and its remedy?
Glaucoma is a disease where the internal fluid tissues have an increasing pressure. This increasing pressure gives pain to the eyes. The remedy to this is Bimatoprost which helps in reducing the pressure thus minimizing the pain experienced.  When Bimatoprost was introduced in the market, it was appreciated by millions affected by such eye problems. It saw a rising demand and even today many people recommend Bimatoprost for eye conditions like Glaucoma. The fluid pressure is brought to control by it and the pain is brought down to a considerable amount. This is done by increasing the outflow fluid of the eye and also by reducing orbital fat. The best remedy for Glaucoma is this. It remains unparalleled even today.

Another disease that can be effectively cured by Bimatoprost is eyelash hypotrichosis. It has been noted that Bimatoprost considerably increases the growth of eyelashes in terms of the density, diameter and length too. For cosmetic uses, it has been suggested that this product be applied once daily in a special manner at the base of eyelash. Eyelash hypotrichosis basically deals with eyelash loss, and this is significantly controlled with Bimatoprost.

Take a look into some of the many side effects that this product carries:

  • Itchiness
  • Redness
  • Irritation
  • Blurred vision
  • Eye discomfort
  • May causes an abnormal growth of hair in applied unevenly or inappropriately

It is certainly an FDA approved product but at the same time they also issued a warning that said: A wrong usage of Bimatoprost will lead to blindness. So it is best recommended to use this particular product under professional guidance i: e seeking consultation from your physician.

When done as said, the side effects may reduce since your body gets accustomed to this medication. All that eventually matters is the right dosage for which having an in-depth knowledge about this product is the best for you. Read a lot about this drug before you take the leap or else walk in to your nearest clinic for better assistance. Better to be safe than sorry!

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