Bimatoprost or Castor Oil? Which One Is Better for Eyelash Growth?


option for speedy eyelash growth

Eyelash growth has become bit easier now because of availability of Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution. It is an excellent remedy or faster and Easy eyelash growth. Eyelashes are not just a protective layer of hair on the eyelid but it has gain popularity as an eye decorator. Thicker and longer lashes make one’s eye look prettier and adorable. FDA has approved Bimatoprost eye drop to grow lash hairs longer in very short period of time. Due to the FDA approval it is very much safer to use.

Not just chemical filled drugs but nature too has its own set of answers and castor oil is one of the best ways to have thicker lash hairs. Likewise Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution, castor oil is also easily available in the market. It is known for its hair growth properties and lash hairs are no different from scalp hairs. They follow the very same hair growth pattern and thus you can have thicker lashes when you apply castor oil. You need to be very careful while using this oil as this need not be entered into the eyes. And if possible have word with your doctor as well before using this oil. Some people may get allergic reactions with this oil. The very same also goes with Bimatoprost eye drops.

Eyelash growth starts in the growth phase followed by the lash hairs. It is not known how this eye drop work on the eyelash growth but it is assumed that when you apply Bimatoprost 0.03% solution over the lashes, it keep the lashes in the growth phase for longer period of time and thus helps in keeping them longer and thicker. The very same method is followed by castor oil too. This nourishes the lash hairs and keeps them moisturized and full of life. With both the eyelash growth serums, you need to have lots of patience. If you are not ready to wait then you shouldn’t go for either of these products.

Online drug stores are selling cheap Bimatoprost and the demand for the very same is huge. Due to its effectiveness and faster actions, it has become a huge hit in very short period of time. In the crowd of several eyelash growth serums, using Bimatoprost is the smart thing to have longer and thicker lashes. This ophthalmic solution is very much easy to use and if you compare it with the castor oil application, you will find it easy to use the former one. Moreover it is not sticky and easy to remove the next morning. And it doesn’t leave any traces on the lash hairs.

Castor oil is an excellent remedy for the thinner lashes but you need to be very much careful about the application of this oil over the lash hairs. This can ruin your eye make-up too if you forget to put it off completely. The better  is Bimatoprost solution. This is the best and inexpensive way to grow lashes. And of course it is hassle free way to get thicker lashes.

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