Bimatoprost – Your eyelash enhancer

eyelash enhancer

Lustrous, long, and thick eyelashes enhance the beauty of your eyes. Not all are blessed with beautiful, long eyelashes. Girls love to look good in every manner. They love wearing hair extensions, flaunting nose rings, wearing shiny lip-gloss, so are the fake eyelashes. Wearing fake eyelashes is not new trend. For many decades, celebrities, actresses and models have been using fake eyelashes. Our pop singers like Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj are giving dramatic look by wearing fake eyelashes and have set up a trend for common girls.

No matter how good they look on you but are you aware that you are risking those natural eyelashes? Do you ever wonder why your lashes falling out? It has to do with your constant wearing of fake eyelashes.  Wearing those artificial lashes gives extra pressure on your natural lashes that causes hair follicles and can stop lash growth permanently or temporarily.

The glue attach to the false lashes can cause reactions to the skin and your eyes and can cause redness, itching and swelling of the eyelids. False eyelashes trap the dirt and bacteria causing infection and irritation to your eyelids and eyes.

Do not take your eyes and lashes for granted. Your greed for looking beautiful is risking your lashes. There are always ways to enhance your eye’s beauty. Medical science has made a great discovery of bimatoprost that is usually treat glaucoma has additional benefit to grow your lashes.

You do not have to rely on those falsies or eyelash extensions. Bimatoprost is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, so don’t be apprehensive to use bimatoprost. Long and thick eyelashes don’t just happen overnight. You will notice eyelash growth after four months of daily use of it.

It is very beneficial to those that have thinner eyelashes. Daily use of bimatoprost makes your lashes thicker, longer and fuller. The darkening of your lashes comes from the production of melanin, a pigment that gives a color to your skin, hair and eyes. Although it has benefits for your eyelash growth, remember there are slight side effects too. You may experience eye redness and itchiness. Bimatoprost can also make your skin and eyes darker.

When its matter of eyes and eyelashes as both are delicate you need to take extreme care of them. Buy bimatoprost with proper prescription after consulting with your doctor. It’s a healthy serum for your lashes. It’s better to use bimatoprost than stopping your natural growth of eyelashes by using fake eyelashes.

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