Cardio Symptoms Women Should Be Warned About


Apparently being the top most reason people are dying are heart conditions and there are many reason one could be diagnosed with such conditions. In most cases, the kind of lifestyle one living, the food, the level of physical exertion that one takes and also other health condition one might following and so on.  But little less know about the fact that there could be different set of symptoms that would indicate women have heart conditions compared to men.

Some of the common symptoms in men like crushing chest pain that amplifies to one arm and such symptoms can certainly happen to women too. But many experience vague or even “silent” symptoms that they may miss. And besides there could also be difference in symptoms and their intensity, but following are some of the common signs and symptoms that you needed to be aware of.

Chest pain: One of the most obvious regardless of genders, still some women might experience it differently than men, with the feeling like a squeezing or fullness, and the pain can be anywhere in the chest, and mostly to the right side. In such case, it is wise to stop the other activities and rest for a whilt till times arrived.

Bone Pain: Such pain can be gradual or even some cases where it causes suddenly, and it may wax and wane before becoming intense. If you’re asleep, it may wake you up. You should report any “not typical or unexplained” symptoms in any part of your body above your waist to your doctor or other health care provider. There are also some cases where it could be a symptom of osteoporosis, but in any case, it is wise to get tested.

Stomach Pain: in general cases, some incidences like heartburns would just be considered as digestive alignment or a condition but other symptoms like the flu, or a stomach ulcer and even women experiencing severe abdominal pressure that feels like an elephant sitting on your stomach can also be liked to cause heart conditions. Such complications could be more likely to more probable during menstrual cycle as metabolism and hormonal balance is in off-regulated state.

Discomfort in Breathing: the trouble breathing for no apparent reason, so there are wide chances that you could be having a heart attack, as you would also having one or more other symptoms. It can easily cause one to react in hyperventilated state and in such phase profuse sweating, nauseating are bound to happen.

Fatigue: This could give you better indication that you have heart conditions. Some of the commonly noted signs like feeling extremely tired, even if they’ve been sitting still for a while or haven’t moved much. Even the feeling of tiredness in the chest is also possible.

It is always better to keep yourself up for routine checkups are always good to keep eye on such serious conditions and take precautions to prevent it.

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