Does coffee affects the liver?

Coffee? We come across so many people who consume coffee and also people who cannot spend a day without sipping on coffee. There are very less people who are not addicted to coffee but then addiction of any thing is not good for health. Too much consumption of coffee is not good and we have been already told that because coffee has caffeine and heavy amount of caffeine consumption lowers sleep and has major toll on health. But then it is also true that consumption of caffeine in proper quantity is good for health. We are always told that we should stay away from caffeine as far as possible but then certain amount does help to keep our body fit and health.

How? Caffeine helps to reduce weight and also contributes to proper functioning of the liver. Liver is an integral part which is usually ignored but then the functioning of the liver is essential because people do die because of liver cancer and it is one of the most popular disease that is now happening in many people. When it comes to coffee, the caffeine in it helps to reduce the risks of liver diseases. Usually the symptoms and signs of liver cancer is not visible but then we should always be aware of it. As per the studies, regular consumption of coffee decreases the risk of cancer which means at least 2-3 cups and not more than that. Coffee also helps to kick start your day but in proper quantity, it is both good for health and liver.

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