Get rid of false eyelashes and use Bimatoprost

false eyelashes

If you have got flattering lustrous, long and thick eyelashes, then you are one out of those lucky ladies who don’t need fake eyelashes. Every woman desires beautiful, long and thick eyelashes. You may use false eyelashes to fulfill your thirst for beautiful eyelashes. But are you aware in turn you’re harming your real ones?

What are eye extensions?
False eyelashes or eye extensions are single synthetic fibers that look like natural eyelashes. They are glued one by one to your real ones. Women who have thin eyelashes would want to use these falsies to accentuate their look. Different types of eyelashes are available in a wide range. You can buy ready to stick eyelashes with glue and do it yourself. Some even head to the beauty salon for expensive eyelash extensions. However, in the bargain you can end up losing your real ones.

How do they damage natural eyelashes?
The glue used for extensions to fix them on your natural ones is of formaldehyde-based and may have rubber latex or some other biologically acceptable glue. Eye allergies can occur from contact with these products.

An agony of your natural eyelashes doesn’t end here; in fact, when you remove fake eyelashes some of your real ones get pulled causing them to thin. The excess traction on your lashes due to eyelash extension or removal of fake eyelashes can cause traction alopecia known as madarosis, which damage hair follicles and the eyelashes do no grow back.

False eyelashes also trap dirt and bacteria causing an allergic reaction. You may experience swelling, redness, irritation and infections such as pink eye.

Eyelash adornments also damage natural lashes
Eyelash adornments such as gluing tiny jewels, beads and crystals to your lashes or attaching tiny charms to wires that are glued to the eyelashes is another risky eye beautification. While they look fancy and attractive, but you may set up an eye injury for yourself by placing such objects very close to your eye.

Those fancy, beautiful models adorning these eye jewels may attract you towards eye enhancement products, but why one would want many side effects of these products by losing real ones?

Why not grow eyelashes using Bimatoprost?
Bimatoprost is one of the effective products, marketed as Latisse. Topical Bimatoprost comes in a liquid solution to apply only to the upper eyelids. It is usually used once in the evening. It may take at least 4 weeks to see noticeable results. Bimatoprost works by increasing the number of hairs that grow and the amount of time that they grow. Bimatoprost not only make your eyelashes grow longer and thicker, but it also darken eyelashes. Bimatoprost stimulates the hair darkening pigment, melanin, thus darkening your lashes. In the end, you have longer, denser and darker eyelashes.

Bimatoprost is a prescribed product and approved by FDA. Before using it, consult with your physician and follow instructions given by the physician. Although Bimatoprost is very effective; however it does have minor side effects such as itchy eyes, redness, swelling of the eyes and eye irritation. As compared to false eyelashes and extensions, many approve the use of Bimatoprost.

Now the choice is yours!

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