Health Benefits Of Tarragon

Tarragon is basically a herb, packed with essential nutrients, having a mixture of bitter sweet taste widely used in medicinal and also for culinary purposes. Tarragon offers many health benefits.

Nutritional value of Tarragon

Tarragon is one of the most nutritious herb packed with proteins and minerals like potassium, calcium ,riboflavin, calcium, magnesium and manganese, niacin, omega-6, omega -3 fatty acids, vitamin A and vitamin C.

Here are some of the health benefits of Tarragon

  • Good to increase appetite – if you are suffering from loss of appetite and not able to find the remedy for improving your appetite, then try consuming tarragon; it helps increase your appetite by stimulating the digestive stomach acids.
  • Inhibits cancer cell growth – the antioxidant property of tarragon is very beneficial for protecting your body from serious diseases, especially helps prevent cancer cell growth.
  • Good for intestinal problems – consuming tarragon is known to eliminate parasitic worms from intestine and prevents intestines from damage caused by worms. Tarragon has zinc content which helps repair intestinal walls.
  • Protects digestive system– tarragon leaves is known to improve digestive function by stimulating the liver to secrete bile and protects your digestive system by preventing stomach upset, ingestion and irritable bowel syndrome. The nutrients in tarragon also help in regulating metabolism. Tarragon is rich in fiber that helps in relieving constipation. Tarragon leaves also helps maintaining fluid balance in the body.
  • Good for eyes – tarragon is rich in vitamin A, which is excellent for maintaining eye health and good to reduce the risk of developing cataract and other eye diseases.
  • Good for teeth – the medicinal value of tarragon helps cure many oral issues like – prevents cavities, protects teeth form loosening, helps in relieving gum disease, helps reduce tooth pain and also relieves sore gums. You can chew tarragon leaves to cure your tooth problems.
  • Promotes sleep – people suffering from insomnia have some good news ,that is Tarragon helps induce sleep, it is believed drinking tarragon tea has calming effects on your senses that helps promote good sleep.
  • Protects female reproductive system – tarragon leaves contain eugenol which helps in relieving menstrual cramps and also helps boost the health of female reproductive system.

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