Is It Safe To Have Curd At Night?

Curd is one of the natural probiotics and the fact that is provides numerous health benefits is undeniable. Curd is enriched with various nutrients like – high quality protein, contains lactose, vitamins -like B12, D and minerals -like calcium, phosphorus, potassium and riboflavin. All these qualities in curd makes it a healthy choice to include in your everyday diet.

Curd is liked by almost all the people throughout the world, for it has many healing properties and cooling effects on your body. But some health experts advice  that curd should not be consumed at night for it can cause mucous formation as it quickly ferments that might cause indigestion, because at night time your food takes time to digest as your digestive system is slow during night hours.

Some people believe that it’s absolutely fine to eat curd at night, only one ¬†strong reason to avoid eating curd at night is if you are suffering from cold or cough, it is because curd is considered to have cooling effect on your body which may not be good if you have cold or cough.

People who are easily prone to catch cold or have pollen allergy, or have skin problems and suffering from asthma must strictly avoid curd at night as it is a promotes mucus formation, but such people need not get disappointed as it is safe to consume buttermilk at night and also it helps in proper digestion.

Bottom-lineIn conclusion the advice is, it is absolutely safe to have curd at night, but people with clogged nose, asthma and pollen allergy need to avoid curd at night. Regardless of what time you eat, it is always advisable to eat recommended portions to maintain healthy weight.

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