Natural Hacks To Heal Insomnia


Sleep is indeed the most precious and joyful activity one shouldn’t miss as it benefits in many ways possible. If one follows particular sleeping schedule, they can enjoy healthy benefits like regulated metabolism rate, blood circulation and hormonal flow and improved immunity system, better stress tolerance and cognitive function and control over them and literally the list can go so on. But what if someone develops conditions that keep then wake like they are living in day time!

Insomnia is the conditions, which can be described as habitual sleeplessness which can be caused by inability or difficulty falling asleep. This can also happen if one wakes up often during the night and having trouble going back to sleep. This dysfunction in normal life like it can affects your alertness, brain function, concentration, alienation, confusion while degrading your physical health in bits and parts. Besides health alignment and being a sleeping disorder itself, it can also make you probe to cause other sleeping orders too, like sleep apnea, work shift disorder and even narcolepsy. Most of the problem can be vaguely linked to cause to difference in daylight time. And in case if you are one who is victim of such complication then here are some easy to follow tips that can help you deal with such problem:

Address the factor: Even doctors will ask you to do the same thing and it is primary need to figure out what is the exact reason that is causing you to be awake. As person differs from each other, it is not necessary the one reason be uniform to other person. In most cases, the kind of job or an activity one is caught on, pressure, inhibitions, fear, anxiety, and depression or in most cases just an uncontrolled thought train that shows no sign of stopping and popping the most random thoughts could possible. And hence it is necessary figure out the real cause, which would make it quick to solve the problems.

Try some tunes: There are many theories and studies can be found on internet that back-ups music as the tool that can make you trip and fall asleep. As listening to calming, soft music as you doze off and in some studies that suggests older people who listen to calming music before going to bed have improved sleep quality during the night than people who don’t. Just make sure you’re picking something soothing, and that you set it to turn off after a while, hopefully when you’re already deep into dreamland. You can also download some soothing wave sounds that play for at least for an hour.

Rocking: no we are not suggesting you to book a rock concerts but advising you to try on old school options that still works. Much like music, rocking action or a rocking chair, hammock or anything that sways in action would eventually sooth your senses and makes you drowsy. The basic principle works in such case is, as a baby we all used to sleep in cradle or be calmed when anyone holds us or sways us in that position. It is still effective though, like an inbuilt feature.

Tune up diet: though eating anything that would keep your digestive system working in overnight shift is a strict no-no. You can try following a well balanced diet before sleeping time and there are some foods items that can help you sleep easily. You can give a try to organic cherry juice as it is naturally high in melatonin, which is a hormone that helps regulate your body’s sleep-wake cycles. It is wise to keep at least hours of difference in between dinner and sleeping time and brisk walk around the corner is suggested.

Sleeping Habits: This is most suggested and works in most cases! If you are sleeping at one place and in position for so long could make you less interested to sleep in and hence sleeping in different position, side or even in different room would also like to help you dose of quickly. You can also make some in-room arrangements could also make much difference by either dimming or darkening the room would also helpful.

As per most of the cases studies have suggested so far, weekend-sleeping is the prime reason that could potentially cause one to develop a distress in sleeping cycle. You can dodge your bedtime back 15 minutes at a time to help you adjust and if you normally hit the hay at 11:30 then go to bed at 11:15 for a few nights, then 11, then 10:45 up until you reach your ideal bedtime, which for most people is about 7 to 8 hours before you need to wake up.

Other Tips: There other hacks like puffing lavender room fresheners, wearing comfortable clothing or taking a hot water bath would also help you. and in case all these tips isn’t working for you, then it is better consult with your doctors to find out if there is a pathological reason that could be causing insomnia conditions to sustain.

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