Oh my swollen fingers!

Have your fingers swollen up lately and they are creating quite botheration for you?  They are not letting you to do any kind of work and also interfering in your day to day activities. Even the rings which you bought with so much of charm and money is refusing to go into your finger or you are not able to pull them out for cleaning either. Well the issue of swollen fingers can be matter of annoyance for you. It might look ordinary but it might be due to some kind of medical problem that you are facing whose end result is the swollen fingers.

The problem finger can happen due to multiple reasons. It may happen due to the disorder of arthritis, or buildup if fluid or inflammation of the tissues or the joints of the finger. Finger swelling can result from serious infections, inflammations, trauma and other kind of abnormal processes. It can also happen due to edema which is sometimes caused by pregnancy, medications or some specific medical condition like kidney issues, lymphatic system complication or congestive heart failure. Swollen fingers can prove to be very problematic for us. People who suffer from the problem of diabetes or having some form of cancer can also experience swelling in their hands and on their fingers as well.
However there are some ways to reduce the problem of swelling in your fingers. Let’s have a brief rundown on the methods via which you can bring down the swelling of your fingers.

Make your fingers exercise:
Move your fingers and pump back the excess fluid back to the heart. Petty exercises like typing on the keyboard, flexing your keyboards, flexing your fingers or using your hands to get dressed will suffice. In case you are not having enough time for traditional exercises then walk for ten to fifteen minutes daily and swing your arms while walking.

Rub your fingers:
This exercise can come very handy for you. Try massaging the tissues of the swollen fingers towards your heart. Apply firm and strong rubbing motions. The hand massage will stimulate the muscles and the blood flow to your fingers which will assist in pushing out the excess fluid from your hand. You can also consider professional help as well in order to give yourself the finger massage.

Compression gloves:
Wearing compression gloves can also be very helpful for reducing the swelling in your fingers. They apply pressure to your hands and fingers which deters the collection of the excess fluid.

Limited salt intake:
Salt also becomes a major factor in retaining the water or the extra fluids in your body which results in swelling of the fingers. Hence, restricting salt intake will help in reducing the fluid content in your body.

Maintain room temperature:
Try to keep the temperature of your room and your office at room temperature. Moderate temperature will help in better circulation. It is found that people who are exposed to extreme temperatures are more susceptible to the problem of swollen fingers. Hence it is advised to keep the room temperature moderate.

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