Reasons You Always Feel Tired

All of us feel drained out at some point in our lives, there are so many factors that make us feel so tired that it becomes difficult to cope up with the challenges of everyday routine. It’s absolutely ok, if you struggle to keep up your energy levels to the point throughout the day, it’s not possible with anyone to stay alert the whole day. But if you are regularly feeling tired that interferes with your daily life then you need to do something to fix it. It could indicate that something is wrong with your lifestyle like -you are not getting sufficient sleep, not eating healthy, you could be having hormonal imbalance, not doing exercise regularly or you are stressed or it could also mean some underlying diseases is making you feel tired all the time.

Possible reasons for why you could be feeling so tired

Mental stress – stress is the culprit for erupting number of health problems. It is a condition in which a person goes through mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from traumatic events or demanding circumstances. When a person takes stress due to physical, financial, social, traumatic events, emotional problems, it can affect the person ability to carry out normal tasks that comes with everyday demands. Excessive, prolonged stress can make the person feel sick and tired all the time ,it can also lead to illness, in fact it can affect every part of your body leading to various illnesses and diseases that you may not even realize that stress can be the culprit, thinking that some other illnesses is making you sick. Just keep a watch for these symptoms of stress like fatigue, headache. Feeling extremely tired, body pain, and sleep problems, you must act immediately and get treatment or therapy that can reduce the symptoms of stress. Try to stay away from situations or circumstances that can give you stress. If you become aware of the reasons that are causing you stress then it’s time to wake up and find ways to deal with it and see a doctor who will help you manage stress. If it is left untreated your body may be affected physically, mentally and behaviorally that will not only interfere with your life, but also put your health at serious risks like making you feel drained out all the time causing discomfort to you as well as those around you.

Depression –A person who has low confidence, always dependent on others, easily affected by stress, unable to face dejection, loss of closed ones is at high risk of going into depression. It is one of the most common mental disorders and energy drainer, believed to affect large number of people throughout the world. People with depression are often feeling sad, unwanted, UN interested, feel dejected, heavy hardheartedness, feeling hopeless, gloominess and host of other negative emotional feelings. Depression reduces the person’s ability to think and function positively at home, work; with friends leaving him/her feeling exhausted and tired all the time. Being depressed takes away all your energy, there are number of reasons for a person getting into depression like emotional  problems, health problems, high levels of stress at work ,home, hormonal imbalances etc.Depression can also be due to chemical imbalances in brain – like neurotransmitters that regulate communication across circuits connecting to different nerves of brain region., which carries out functions related to emotions, moods, if does not work properly or imbalanced, this could be one of the cause of depressed mood in some people, all these factors can leave you feeling very tired unable to meet the demands of everyday work. To get back your energy levels you have to work out .It is not easy to get out of depression, it is a long process it may takes weeks, months. If you put on real efforts and have strong determination to get back your life on track, then nothing can stop you.

Poor sleeping habits – poor sleep habits have negative impact on brain functions -it affects mood, cognitive performance, and motor function. There are many reasons for sleep deprivation it could be due to body pains. poor sleeping position, that can cause neck pain, back pain, fatigue, muscle cramping all theses keeps you awake throughout the night ,which affects you the following day making you feel extremely tired .When you do not complete your sleep at night it directly affects your energy levels, making you feel drowsy, lethargic and weak.

Unhealthy diet – feeling tired all the time could also be due to unhealthy eating  habits. If you are used to eating fatty foods, processed foods and foods loaded with carbohydrates then it’s time to give up eating such foods and consume more of fresh fruits, vegetables and lean meats as these foods provide you all the nutrients that are helpful to fight off tiredness, fatigue and weakness.

Conclusionto fight tiredness you have to lead a healthy life style eats a balanced diet, go for regular body checkups and exercise regularly.

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