Testosterone levels in males and females

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male female testosterone levels

It’s always been said that testosterone levels have a very big role to play in the body of a male and female both. Why? Just because it gives a boost to a healthy intercourse or is there some other reason attached to it? As an individual we would be not knowing much but the medical experts would be definitely knowing about it. It is not that one should know everything but then having little bit of information is not that dangerous and yes, when it comes to the level of testosterone, then we should know about it. What do you mean by testosterone? Testosterone is the androgen hormone which is produced by the adrenal cortex, the ovaries in female and the testes in men. This testosterone is also known as the sex hormone which also plays an important role in development of the male characteristics. When it comes to the testosterone, then you will find that this sex hormone plays a very big role in the ovulation and egg development in females while it is also very essential for the production of the sperm in the males. While this sex hormone has its own role to play when it comes to the female and male, but still there’s a lot more because it is slightly much more important for men then the women. Because when the surveys were conducted, it was found that healthy males have more than 20 times testosterone levels when compared to the healthy females.

The levels of testosterone can cause imbalance in both the women and men. Low levels of sex hormones in men can cause the infertility in men while high levels of testosterone can be one if the main cause of infertility in women. So, by now we have an idea what role exactly the testosterone plays and what will happen if there is a fluctuation in the levels of the sex hormones. These hormones are present in the body naturally but then if the production is not much, then your doctor might prescribe you certain medications which will help you to have a proper balance of testosterone levels in your body. If you want to check on with the testosterone levels, then you can directly do the blood tests that will reveal you the levels so that you can work up things accordingly because proper levels indicates a healthy life.

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