The various types of sleep issues

types of sleep issues

Many a times we experience high levels of fatigue especially when we wake up from our sleep. Too much of yawning in the middle of a meeting or pressing the snooze button of your mobile alarm to catch up on few more hours of sleep. All these could be symptoms of some type of slumber issue.

Few of such sleep disorders are mentioned below:
Obstructive sleep apnea with or without snores
Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when an individual feels breathless when he or she is fast asleep. The respiration may get interrupted and the person may experience constant choking or suffocation when he or she is fast asleep. Such a frequentpause in breathing may occur every half an hour. This would disrupt the sleep of a person and he or she would feel tired the next day due lack of sufficient amounts of sleep.

This disorder could be accompanied with snoring habit. People who are obese, or have small airways have more risk of developing this disorder. Such individuals may experience low levels of energy and poor level of concentration.

A sleep disorder where an individual would suffer from excessive daytime sleepiness. This is a neurological disorder which is characterised by uncontrolled and frequent episodes of falling asleep in the day. People suffering from narcolepsy may experience symptoms like cataplexy, sleep paralysis, hallucinations.

A person suffering from Insomnia may find it really hard to fall asleep. They may finding it difficult to sleep for too long.  They may sleep for less hours or have a very bad quality of sleep. They would be accustomed to a habit of waking up very early. People with this disorder would feel as if they never slept the entire night. They would sleep for very little time. They would generally stay awake during most of the night.

Bedwetting is a sleep disorder which is usually prominent in children. This problem usually gets solved on its own as your children learn to control their bladder. Usually children learn to control their bladder by the age of four years.

Restless Leg syndrome
People with RLS may experience a picky, tingling burning sensation while they are in their sleep. Such a sense of pain would disrupt their sleep. Thus causing high levels of fatigue the next day they wake up. RLS can be an outcome of anaemia, high levels of stress. Many women experience RLS in their pregnancy. Individuals who are addicted to caffeine, alcohol or tobacco may also be experiencing such a sleep trouble.
Managing your sleep trouble!!

Sleep disorders may be your everyday trouble. However symptoms of the same can be managed. Many people find it difficult to manage slumber issues. You can seek help of your doctor, minimise stress from your life and ensure you follow a proper sleep routine. Cut down on your tea if you are among those who loves to keep sipping tea!!!
Perform relaxation before going to sleep. Quit alcohol, tobacco. Reduce your intake of caffeinated drinks.  Adults can take the necessary steps to get rid of their slumber trouble.

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