Tips to Fix Imbalanced Hormonal Balance


Not all health issues and complications are caused by paced down metabolism or weakened immunity and other factors, in some case hormones like estrogen, testosterone, adrenaline and insulin can also influence your health and mental harmony and flip you to other side of happy spectrum. Though there are medication and hormone therapies that can cause quick relief to the hormonal catastrophe, but those also comes with the possibilities of side effect that are hard to manage. So it is wise to perfectly keep everything in balanced positions.

Hormones are the body chemical and also fuels that triggered by brain to do assigned task. so it is essential to maintain balance as it can possible cause the complications like diabetes, fatigue, infertility and irregular periods, low libido, digestive issues and the most frightening hair loss and hair thinning. And to prevent yourself from such situations, here are some useful tips which can help you restore and maintain hormonal balance.

Eat Smart:

This includes eating foods which are high in short, medium and long-chain fatty acids to keep your hormones under seize. Basically your body needs certain types of fats to create hormones, which includes saturated fat and cholesterol. Not only are these essential fats fundamental building blocks for hormone production. While that make sure to keep inflammation levels low and boost your metabolism and promote weight loss. In short eat food made in coconut oil, avocados, clear butter and salmon which are great source of good fatty acids.

Even smarter, try to include adaptogen herbs like ashwagandha, medicinal mushrooms, rhodiola and holy basil which can take care of restoring imbalance and also help you manage stress symptoms during that time. Though doses are essential, and for that sake it is wise to consult with your doctors.

It is also wise to include food that contains omega3 and omega6 fatty acids contents like vegetable oils (corn, safflower, sunflower, soybean), animal meats, flaxseed, canola oil, English walnuts, specialty eggs, fish, fish oils, specialty egg/dairy products and many others as which can help you restore neural dynamics and the inflammatory element.

Lunar Cycle:

Relentless it may sound but many studies have linked connection between hormonal fluidity and lunar cycle. It is basically managing and analysing time between ovulation and the time of menstrual cycle, and making some adjustment in light arrangements which can somehow hormonal imbalance. You can take help from your gynaecologist in the strategising part. But it will take a time to restore the imbalance in gradual way.

Butter Mints:

One of the lesser known hack, it is still effective in restoration of hormonal dynamics. Butter mints basically stabilize your blood sugar with the help of healthy fats along with small amount of sugar from raw honey. It is also effectively causes all the benefits of fatty acids, which also cause speedy recovery.

Dark Chocolate:

The specific reason why dark chocolate is, despite containing cocoa which are the tastiest source of antioxidant but it also help you manage stress, even the one that caused by mood swings. It is still one of the most effective depression defusing elements. And you just got one more reason to lay your hands on dark chocolate bark.


It is still the most efficient way to restore hormonal imbalance. As hormone are released from brain to cause certain actions, and elevating overall physical activity can eventually increase chances of restoring hormonal balance. And in such cases cardiovascular exercise are still effective. Other than walking, jogging and stretches some other easy to do exercises like sit ups or the most suggested leg up the wall, which can elevate overall hormonal dynamics.

Avoid Medications:

There are lines of medicines, including birth control pills, which as side effect influence the hormonal dynamics. It is wise to consult with your doctors in you are currently on medication to treat certain alignments, just to check the possibility of hormonal imbalance.

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