Top Foods High In Vitamin D

Vitamin D is fat soluble vitamin that means it can be stored in the body for longer time and is helpful in various functions of the body, this vitamin is very important to build and maintain strong bones, lower the risk of certain cancers such as – breast, prostate, colon and skin. Vitamin D, also helps your brain keep generating new nerve cells by the process called adult neurogenesis. It is very essential that we maintain vitamin D levels in our body to avoid deficiency, because lack of vitamin D may prevent new cell growth and also destroys the nerve stem cells that can turn into mature brain cells. Production of new nerve cells is very important to   maintain memory and concentration .Ensure that you get sufficient vitamin D from sunlight and foods loaded with vitamin D that includes – eggs, salmon and sardines to prevent bone diseases. Vitamin D is the only vitamin that your body produces when exposed to sunlight, you can also get vitamin D from certain foods.

Here are some foods high in vitamin D    

  • Oyster – they live in salt water they are low in calories, contains zinc, copper, vitamin B12 and good source of vitamin D. Include oyster in your regular diet to get the recommended daily dose of vitamin D. They are very healthy and taste is also delicious.
  • Eggs – eggs are highly nutritious it is also good for people who don’t consume fish, egg white and yolk both are healthy rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins particularly egg yolk contains vitamin D. Chickens that are fed vitamin D rich feed are high in vitamin D.
  • Mushrooms – mushrooms are type of fungi, belonging to plant kingdom. They are considered to be of high nutritional value, with several important nutrients. The best quality of mushrooms is that they contain very small amount of vitamin D, but when exposed to sunlight it has the ability to increase its vitamin D content that is essential for our body to absorb calcium, and good for bone strength. Button mushrooms and criminis are very good source of vitamin D. Include mushrooms in your diet and get the numerous health benefits.
  • Salmon– it is a fatty fish and  one of the most healthy  foods and excellent source of vitamin D, omega -3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. Consuming at least twice a week will give you the required nutrient needs and helps decrease the risk of several diseases.
  • Ghee – ghee is also considered to contain good amount of vitamin D, but it should be sourced from grass fed animal milk. Add ghee to your diet to get the required nutrients.

Conclusion– if you want to keep your bones and teeth healthy, get enough vitamin D from food and by exposing yourself to sunlight. Vitamin D also protects you from developing bone diseases.

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