What to know about the male reproductive system?

Male reproductive system is difficult to understand but then one should know about the system because every other organ that is present in the male reproductive system and how it functions. If we notice then we will know that male reproductive system is different from the female reproductive system because it is situated at the outside of the body while the female reproductive system is located inside the body. The main purpose of the male reproductive organs is to perform the functions such as –

  • To discharge sperms
  • To maintain, produce and transport sperm and protect the fluid which is known as semen
  • To secret and produce male sex hormones

These are some of the important functions to carry on by the male reproductive system organs. Let us know about the organs in a bit detail.

  • Penis- Everyone is quite aware about this organ because this particular male organ is needed for the sexual mating or the intercourse. This part has many sensitive nerve organs and it gets aroused easily when touched in a right way by their partners. Semen is transported to the female reproductive system by the end of the penis when the intercourse happens.
  • Scrotum- This is like a sac which is situated below the penis and has the testicles and also has blood vessels and many nerves and hormones. The main function of this scrotum is to act like the climate control system.
  • Testicles- These are the oval organs that lies in the scrotum and the main function of these are to produce the male sex hormones which is necessary for generating the sperms in the male body.
  • Epididymis- This is present on the backside of each testicle and the function of it is to store and transport the sperm cells that are produced in the testes.
  • Vas deferens- It is situated behind the bladder which transports the mature sperm to the urethra.
  • Ejaculatory ducts- These are formed by the fusion of seminal vesicles and the vas deferens.
  • Urethra-The main function of this is to let go if urine but also it has other function that is to ejaculate the semen when the man reaches the orgasm.
  • Seminal vesicles- The main function of this organ is to provide sperms with a source of energy so that it can move accordingly.


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