Why You Should Cover A Cough Or Sneeze?

The whole idea of covering your cough or sneeze is to prevent spread of germs to other people. When you cough the drops from your cough mix with the air and travel spreading the germs to other people.

According to health experts it is very important to cover your mouth when you cough, because the germs you release will make other people fall sick. But are you really stopping the germs from spreading if you cover your mouth with a tissue, cloth or hand, the answer is no. The germs still travel past the barrier you use to cover your mouth while coughing .Then what is the right way to cover your mouth while coughing to stop the germs from spreading in the air.

How to cover your cough?

  • It’s very easy to keep your mouth covered when you cough but it should be done in a right way. If you cover your mouth with your hand, it’ll not stop the germs from escaping from the gaps of your fingers and also when you put your hands on your mouth when you cough and then touch the nearby things like door knobs or any object the germs from your hand will spread onto to things you touch, so it doesn’t prevent germs from spreading in the air.
  • The best way to cover your cough is to use your inside of the elbow while coughing instead of using your hand. It is very easy to cover your cough this way, because you cannot touch anything with your inside of the elbows and there is no way that you’ll be spreading germs everywhere.
  • If you suddenly get cough, you can always use a tissue to cover your mouth but make sure to throw way the tissue immediately and wash your hands thoroughly.

Benefits of covering your cough

  • It prevents spreading of germs.
  • If you cover your mouth when you cough you’ll save the other people from getting respiratory illnesses like – cold, flu or sore throat.
  • Covering your mouth is the right way like mentioned above it is by using the inside of your elbow, you’ll prevent spread of germs because you are not touching anything like doorknobs or tables or chairs or utensils.

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