Will Exercise Alone Would Aid Weight Loss

Healthy Weight Loss

It first glance, this whole theory has nothing to debate and plain pointless and wrong. But when we come across the fact sheet, it was a shock to see how this kind of trend is set. Some people eventually interpret it, dieting is equals to eat less and exercise more is an ultimate ways to lose weight.

Following are some facts that would make it clearer why one should not totally rely on exercise only to lose weight, and there are other factors which influence to renders desired weight loss effects:

Why exercise?

It is true that exercise plays most important role in your weight loss program. It kicks your metabolism to work in your favor. It also makes muscle cells to burn excess cholesterol and unhealthy fat content. It brings perfect harmony between your mind, body and soul. In short it makes sure you allure all the benefits of having an active life.


But that alone would not be that effective if you exclude other aspect too. Diet is the fact that holds equal importance as exercise. A proper diet plan would eventually make your body be able to provide fuel to do an exercise. So it is safe to say, exercise itself is interdependent upon the diet plan you are following.

Other than just providing fuel to exercise, a well balance diet would render benefits to you weight loss motive. And a ‘well balanced diet’ means, a diet that set a perfect equilibrium between all the vitamin, nutrients and minerals you’ll be needed to cope up with energy and nutrient shortage, which is created by physical exertions. Some diet elements, like folic acid content would eventually amplify the effort we take to build and develop body structure. For best result, opt for doctor or dietician tailored diet plan, as it would be precise since they consider your overall health-dynamics.


It might feel contrary to the motive of exercise but it is equally important too. It basically render time for the body to repair then exertion we cause during exercise and also helps re/build neural connection between brain and tissue cells. And not to underestimate its harmonious effect on your mind and overall health! You know some people could behave like zombies if they didn’t complete their sleeping schedule. If you are on weight loss program, the try to complete at least 7-8 hrs of sleeping depending upon you ideal sleeping time. And schedule your exercising time after complete your sleep time.


It is the way you live your life! Of course it would not be fun to live a well-disciplined life, but it renders advantages of living an active life. And also some negative aspect like eating-sleeping-working at the wrong time or in wrong positions, smoking or alcohol abuse or just an obsessive habit to eat fat and sugar induce junk-food. These negative elements would not only cause any advantages but it would sabotage whatever efforts you take doing exercise to drop some weight.

Try to adapt to some change for living healthy life and try even harder to ditch all the bad lifestyle habit, if you are really determined to lose your weight.

And to conclude the point, don’t is a total exercise freak and give more emphasis on your exercising schedule. There are other elements too.

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