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Kamagra is a miraculous drug for men dealing with erectile issues. This is the exact replica of Viagra with the same chemical sildenafil citrate. This drug is very much useful in creating hardness in the male organ. Oldies as well as young men are suffering from erectile illness. This issue is not curable however you can get rid of it for ample period of time. The chemical present in anti-ED drug helps in clearing the clogging in the arteries. This is developed because of the chemical PDE5 which restricts the blood flow to the male organ. Kamagra 100mg has been approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Consuming this drug about half an hour before helps ED men to get freedom from clutches of impotence. It creates stronger erection in men and the similar effect stays as long as for four to six hours. Kamagra being generic version available at low cost.

Action Mechanism of Kamagra

Working mode of the drug is the capacity of it to eliminate the symptoms developed by health issues. Kamagra drug is used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Its mechanism of action depends on its chemical content which is sildenafil citrate which belongs to the PDE5 blocker class of drugs. Erectile issues develop in a man when less or no blood flow reaches to the male organ at the time of making out. This can be repaired with kamagra 100mg tablets.

Erection process requires various chemical secreted by the male body. The whole process is controlled by various chemical reactions. If any step is missing it leads to less blood provision to the male reproductive system. PDE5 is an enzyme that affects this in majority of the cases. Here consuming kamagra drug helps the male patient to get the process corrected. This is how the organ stands erect in the bed.

With this anti impotence drug you can get erection easily and it stays as longer as for four to six hours. However one must consume kamagra drug in moderate amount in order to stay healthy. This drug when taken in excessive dosages aid in developing ill effects thus one must take the drug under medical surveillance.

Precautionary Measures of Kamagra 100mg

  • This anti impotence drug is not made for teenagers, kids and women. Thus these people shouldn’t buy such drugs.
  • There is a misconception about kamagra that it augments libido in men and it also prevents infection of STDs. These are totally wrong beliefs about the drug.
  • Do not overdose the medicine as this leads to hazardous effects on the health of the consumer.
  • Health disorders such as kidney and liver ailments, cardiovascular issues do not allow one to consume kamagra 100mg medication. if you are dealing with any of these health complaints then ask your doctor about taking anti ED drug.
  • Nitrate based drugs when taken along with anti impotence medications known to create harmful effects on the health and also affects the functionality of the heart. Thus one should avoid such combination.
  • Do not consume kamagra pills with booze or fruit juices. This has bad effects on the blood pressure values. Instead have the drug with plain water.
  • Oldies should start with the lower dose of the drug as they experience most severe side effects of anti impotence drug.
  • You must discuss the pros and cons of the drug from your doctor. After having word with him you can buy kamagra online for impotence treatment.

Dosage of Kamagra

Start with the low dose of the drug in order to avoid any sort of health complications. The standard dosage of kamagra is 100mg which is well tolerated by men. However in some cases you may need dosage adjustment due to number of reasons. Take the pill as a whole without powdering it or breaking it. This will ensure locking in the healing properties of the drug. Have kamagra drug with a glass of water instead of having it with alcoholic beverages. This assures proper absorption of the medicine into the bloodstream. Consume the drug followed by a light meal.

Common Side Effects of Kamagra Pills

  • With kamagra you get two sets of side effects either mild or severe. Some men do not get side issues at all. However all drugs are tend to develop some aftermaths in the consumer. They also occur as sign that the body of the user is getting familiar with the drug. Mild aftermaths are very easy to handle and they are harmless. On the other hand severe ones need medical treatment to discard them. Before you buy kamagra 100mg online you must consult with your doctor and get to know about these aftermaths.
  • Gentle side effects such as stomach trouble, nausea, headache, facial reddening, nasal congestion etc are very normal to be appeared in the user. These are very mild and off course harmless in nature. These effects stay for couple of days and then vanish off. If they don’t then you need stop using kamagra and see your doctor.
  • In very rare situation you may get serious corollary effects due to anti-ED drugs. You must ask your doctor regarding these effects before you buy the medication. Chest pain or tightness associated with irregular heartbeats and painful prolonged erection are few of severe side issues you must know before you buy cheap kamagra online.

Warnings of Kamagra

  • Allergic signs may develop because of the chemical present in the drug. In such events one must discontinue using the drug and get medical help.
  • If you are suffering from kidney or liver ailment then consuming kamagra is like inviting unwanted and harmful health issues.
  • Do not take the drug along with booze or fruit juices. Water is the best liquid to have this drug with.
  • Fatty meals should be avoided before consuming this medication. Fats prevent the absorption of the drug thus affecting the result.
  • If you are dealing with heart disorders, hypertension and diabetes then you must have word with your physician before taking kamagra drug.
  • Elderly and young men with liver or kidney ailment must start with low dosage of the drug.
  • Do not mix anti impotence drugs with nitrate based medicines as this combination affects the health of the heart.

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